"The Date" This commercial begins with a bearded man (Guillaume Dolmans) and a woman (Samantha Rex, lead sing of The Attic Ends) running through an alley. They go in the kitchen entrance of an Asian restaurant and the man is recognized and warmly greated by everyone. Someone throws him something and he starts cutting up a vegetable (potato?) sending the pieces flying. Next he picks up a fish and flips it into the air and it lands in puff of flour. The man and woman duck to avoid the flower just in time. While this is going on, we see various clips from inside the main section of the restaurant where a band which includes lots of brass instruments (trumpets) is playing. The couple continues through the kitchen where the man tries to take a bottle of Heineken beer off the try of a waiter, but the waiter blocks him. Right before they get to the door to the main part of the eating area, the man protects the woman from another waiter wheels in a huge tray of food. As they go out into the main area, he is again recognized and greeted by everyone, and the woman all look seductively at him. They both trip and fall right in front of a tank/aquarium full of live eels. The man makes a quick motion which causes them to skatter while one jumps out of the tank. As they continue through the restaurant, the come across another man who's hair is sticking straight out, and the bearded guy pushes it down for him. He tries to grab a Heineken off another waiter's tray, and is again blocked. The band continues to play as a nefarious looking old man in a maroon suit comes out an watches the couple. He makes a gesture with his hands and a white rabbit appears while the bearded guy pulls a green bottle of Heineken out of his mouth. They keep moving and enter a room full of women dressed up like Las Vegas showgirls who all touch the bearded guy as he walks through. Someone comes through with a Chinese dragon which "chases" them into a room full of bright lights. It turns out that they are behind a paper screen and are doing a shadow theater. They jump through the paper screen as the band's vocalist starts singing. The couple and everyone else in the room start dancing wildly. At the end, he finally gets his beer (and one for the girl) as they clink their bottles together and have a sip.

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