This commercial begins outside the Playboy mansion. Inside we see two playmates having a pillow fight on a bed. "Poor old" Hugh Heffner is trying to read the paper in bed and these scantily-clad girls are bothering him. Later he's walking down the hall and another model stops him to complain about not knowing what clothes her dog should be dressed up in. Later on he's sitting on the tennis court firing tennis balls at several bouncy girls who are trying to hit them back. That night there is a party and a waiter hands him an unusual green drink which he is not happy to receive. He tosses it aside and heads back into the house. In his office he flips a secret switch inside the head of a bust (statue) which opens a hidden door with a fire pole. He slides down the pole into a private bar with lots of old men already drinking. They all greet him and the bartender gives him a Barvaria beer, and he finally enjoys himself.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey Heff. Mini really doesn't know what to wear. 
Excuse me.

Written Text

Bavaria Beer 
Lieshout Holland 1719

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