This commercial begins with a robot vehicle with a big finger rolling over to start the music on a cassette player. When the "Play" button is pressed, the Knight Rider theme song begins to play which starts the Hahn beer factory to create their "super beer". First the ingredients are vibrated through a speaker system which bounces them around. They then come down a conveyor belt where a bunch of beefy professional wrestlers (men and women) pound them with hammers. As they continue down the conveyor old kung-fu movies are shown to them. Next they are spun in a huge vat that is powered by a DeLorean with monster truck tires. Now that it is liquid, it runs through a system of pipes that leads to a drum kit where a guy is doing a drum solo on. It is then sprayed over a huge stack of sports trophies for added awesomeness, stored in a tank with a funky shirt covering hit, run through a tiger laying on a shag carpet, until it finally reaches outside where a man in a (still flying) helicopter hovers over to a tap to pour himself a glass of beer. He gives a big smile and a thumbs-up. At the end, we see a ferret putting the bottle caps on the beer bottles.

Written Text

Hahn SuperDry 
Super goes in. SuperDry taste comes out. 
Han SuperDry Pioneer Beering

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