This Prudential commercial shows the sun rising over numerous landscapes and cities across America. The idea is that it is a new day - bring your new challenges to them. 
Some of the locations we see the sun rise include over the ocean, over New York City, over downtown Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, the mountains, the reflection of a school bus, in the country, a ball field, in Chicago, near a windmill and later a wind farm, the Arizona desert, the Golden Gate Bridge, and through numerous other urban, suburban, and rural scenes.

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And just like that, it's here. A new day. A new chance for all of us. People, companies, communities, to face the challenges yesterday left behind and the ones tomorrow will bring. Prudential - bring your challenges.

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School Bus, Motel, ACL, Laveena 
Prudential - Bring your challenges. 
Investments, Insurance, Retirement, Real Estate

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Prudential Commercial

Prudential Commercial