This commercial begins on a hot summer day in the city. A tricycle is seen melting at a park. Mannequins in a department store display then start melting, and then everything in the city starts doing the same - shoes, guitars, cars, and a public fountain. A woman is shown looking around nervously as we see a motorcycles, and glass, and an entire bar/restaurant start melting. She starts to hurry more as a bus, and vending machine melt away. She runs into her apartment and barely makes it before her stairs melt, and opens the door just as her refrigerator turns into a puddle with a bottle of Perrier water in it. The bottle falls and rolls off her balcony. She dives after it and lands in a pool several floors below. After she drinks the bottle of water, she puts the empty glass on the ground and it immediately starts to melt.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(whispering) Ah, Perrier

Written Text


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