This commercial begins with a boy walking down a city street at night. Something catches his eye as he walks past an alley, and he goes to check it out. It's a big "power" button that he presses. As soon as he does, the ground beneath him crumbles and he falls through into some laboratory where scientists/engineers are working on Sony Vaios, TVs, digital cameras and other products. The boy then sees a "Play" button on an HDTV which he clicks and causes the tiles from the floor to build a cube around him. When he breaks through the cube he is in the back seat of the limo from a scene in the film, "2012". An "X" button from the Sony Playstation appears in the car and he presses it and jumps out of the limo into an off-road driving game for the PS3. Across the track he sees another button and runs through the cars to get to it. As soon as he does, he's transported to a concert stage where Cassadee Pope from the group Hey Monday is singing. One last button appears and when pressed, the concert stage flips around and he is back in the alley where he started.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Believe that anything you can imagine, you can make real. Make dot believe 
You were talking to her 
But messing with me 
It's finally clear you're blurring the lines

Written Text

Sony Vaio 
Make Dot Believe

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