Neil Patrick Harris is featured in this commercial for Comcast Xfinity, playing ping pong with a little girl wearing a red shirt, white shorts, with long blonde ponytails. The walls behind him are covered in ping pong trophys, plaques and awards. Neil Patrick Harris explains the benefits of Comcast Xfinity On Demand, while playing ping pong, using the remote control as his paddle. In the background, the television on the wall features several NBC shows including 'The Office', '30 Rock' and 'Parenthood'.

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(Neil Patrick Harris) People say I'm a winner. Not because I'm a world-class ping-pong player, but because I have Xfinity. I get the world's greatest collection of On Demand shows and movies. I can catch up and keep up with the top shows from every major network. Take that satellite. 
Now Xfinity gives you the latest episodes from all the major networks, all On Demand. Switch to Xfinity TV and Internet for $69.99 a month for 6 months, plus get HBO included for 6 months. Sign up today.

Written Text

Xfinity On Demand 
30 Rock 
The Good Wife 
Grey's Anatomy 
The Office 
Xfinity TV & Internet $69.99 a month for 6 months 
HBO for 6 months 
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