This commercial features Lance Armstrong and some of his friends riding bikes on a dirt trail. At a flat section of trail, they come to a stop, and Armstrong slides his hand to the side which causes the entire landscape in front of them to change (like sliding a page on a smartphone) into an uphill trail. Later, they are all playing golf, and when it's Lance's turn to tee off, one of the friends does something similar by sliding in more "rough", and making the sand traps bigger. Later than night at the bar, Armstrong pulls out his phone and slides a band video into place, and the band appears on stage.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Welcome to the ultra life. Where you never have to settle for less. With 95 calories, 2.6 carbs, and one exceptionally smooth taste, Michelob Ultra is perfectly balanced for your life.  
So come on 
Yeah, come on

Written Text

Michelob Ultra 
95 calories 
2.6 carbs 
Live life to the ultra.

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