A group of friends is at an abandoned, unkempt lot. Written on the side of an old pick-up truck are the words "We decided to tackle the local eyesore". The friends are next seen at a truck rental place with the words "Decided to rent a truck from the place Ted likes" on the screen. Next the group is seen unloading plants and flowers in to the bed of the truck wtih the words "Decided to get flowers from the place Sara likes" on the back of the pick-up truck. The friends are seen digging, planting and painting, trying to spruce up the old lot and transform it into a beautiful space. They use roller skates as planters, and empty bottles as decoration. An old VW Beetle has been turned into a flower pot, with plants and flowers in the hood of the car. At the end of the commercial, the friends sit back and enjoy their hard work, with the words "We decided to kick back and enjoy the view.".

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Now what your friends like on facebook, helps you decide on bing. Bing and decide with your friends.

Written Text

These are my friends We decided to tackle the local eyesore. Decided to rent a truck from the place Ted likes. Decided on plants from the place Sara likes. We decided to kick back and enjoy the view. bing do something Microsoft

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