The commercial begins with a dark-haired woman, wearing a red shirt, shopping for a black dress in Target. She buys the dress and wears it to a party, where she meets a tall dark and handsome man. They become a couple, going on road trips, playing the piano together, eating a giant hamburger, walking down a street each wearing giant costume-like heads. They take off the giant heads and share a kiss. Next the couple is in a convertible, the woman wearing a wedding dress, and both of them wearing oversized fake mustaches. They are seen moving boxes in to their new home, and sharing a moment as they prepare for the arrival of their baby. The woman is then waiting in her bedroom, as her husband and their baby girl come into the room, the baby girl wearing a new dress from Target.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It began with a dress. I met this guy, and we went on a date. Well, first we kissed, then we went on a date. It progressed to a trip. And then there was the honeymoon. Which started a family. Which led to a dress.

Written Text

life's a moving target. 
Expect More. Pay Less.

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