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Burger King Commercial for Burger King Minis (2011)

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Burger King Commercial for Burger King Minis

Summer/Fall 2011
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Plot / Description

This Burger King ad features the new BK Minis - four tiny burgers all packaged together. The commercial plays a happy little song about sharing and caring, but features people stealing the burgers from other people because they are so delicious no one actually wants to share them. 
The commercial begins with two siblings riding in the back seat of a car. The older brother points at something (fake) outside the car, and when the younger brother looks away, his BK Mini hamburger gets stolen. Another scene shows two friends sitting on the ledge of an outdoor fountain. One woman pushes the other's bag onto the ground, and when the other reaches down to pick it up, the woman who created the distraction steals a Burger King Mini and shoves the whole thing in her mouth. A man in an office walks by and steals a mini burger from another man in a cubicle, turns upset at the first guy, his second sandwich gets taken taken by his neighbor in the next cubicle. A grandmother gives her young granddaughter a new teddy bear. When the little girl looks excitedly at her new toy, she also gets one of her Minis taken. Finally, a woman is shown running down the street with her arms full of the burger containers. Behind her is an entire football team chasing her.


Whatever I have I'll share it.  
I'd love to give it to you.  
I can surely make do with less than two.  
And that's how sharing works. 
'Cause sharing means caring. 
And caring means sharing.  
And sharing means caring. 
And that's sharing works.  
And that's how sharing works. 
And that's how sharing works. 
(Voiceover by Josh Daugherty) 
BK Minis are easy to share. But that doesn't mean they're easy to share. Get yours at Burger King. Before someone else does.

Written Text

BK Minis 
BK Chicken Minis 
BK Burger Minis 
Burger King