This commercial for Dawn dish soap begins with incredibly cute videos of a number of different kinds of birds taking care of their young. Some of these include: 
* an Emperor Penguin shuffling along with a baby sitting on its feet 
* a Robin feeding a nest full of newly hatched baby birds 
* a seabird (probably a Tern) protecting its rather large, but still fuzzy and cute baby from other birds while on the beach 
After seeing these good bird parents, we are presented with the fact that even the best parents can't protect these birds from oil spills. Next we see tear-inducing images of other baby birds in the aftermath of an oil spill. We see a baby duck that tries to walk through thick oil sludge and is weighed down because its entire body is covered in black. A man comes to pick up the duck to take it back and clean it up. They use Dawn dish soap to take care of it because supposedly it is one of the few soaps that is gentle enough to use on wildlife, but can still cut through the oil. At the end, they release the baby duck back into the wild with its mother.

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I'd do anything for you, be anything 
'Cause you mean everything to me 
I know that I'd go anywhere for your smile 
anywhere, 'cause I'd doing anything for you

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Even a mother can't protect them from oil spills. That's why rescue experts turn to Dawn. It's tough on grease yet gentle. Do more than dishes. 
Ultra Concentrated Dawn 
Dawn helps save wildlife

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