This commercial for Kmart back to school shows different school age kids standing in front of different colored lockers, yellow, blue, green, purple, wearing different fashions from Kmart. The kids are dancing in the hallways. A boy in a blue-striped hoodie and jeans is spinning on his head in the hallway. Another boy, wearing a blue checkered shirt is walking down the hallway, with a blonde-haired girl on one arm, and a brunette on the other. The commercial ends with a notebook, filled with doodles and drawings and the word 'Kmart' in the middle of the notebook.

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(lyrics) Some people talk about ya, like they know all about ya. When you get down they doubt ya, and when you dip it on the scene, yeah they talkin' 'bout it. They tryin' to take away your dreams, but you can't allow it. Cause baby whether you're high or low. Kmart's got the looks, and you've got what it takes to make this year epic. Now that's Kmart smart.

Written Text

K Kmart NSS Hoodies & Denim $15 Bongo Tops $9 Kids Route 66 Denim $10

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