This commercial shows Ashton Kutcher using the new Nikon Coolpix Long Zoom Cameras to take pictures of women at the beach from far away in his beach house. The girls start out flying kites and wave to Ashton when they see him. One of the women pulls out her own camera and zooms in on him to take a picture as well. Another woman at the next house over uses her camera to take pictures of Kutcher as well, and blows him a kiss when he see her. Next Ashton sees another woman very far away and snaps a picture of her. A man who appears to be her husband or boyfriend walks up next to her with high powered binoculars and stares back at him as he tries to hide.

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The new Nikon Coolpix Long Zooms are here. The sexy S9100 with an 18x (18 times) zoom. The Coolpix L120 with a 21x zoom. And the Coolpix P500 with an incredible 36x zoom. Zoom makes them powerful, their lenses make them Nikons. And the S9100 performs so well in low light, you won't need a flash. 
Why do birds suddenly appear 
Every time, you are near? 
Just like me, they long to be close to you

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New Coolpix S9100 
Nikon - At the heart of the image 
Nikon Cool Pics Longzoom

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