This commercial begins with a man in an art studio. He is opening a can of blue paint which he carries over to a blank "canvas" which is actually a huge white cutout of an Absolut Vodka bottle with the words "Absolut Blank" written on it. He throws the can of paint toward the canvas and it flies through the air in slow motion. We then see a montage of other people working on their own art projects including people creating a miniature model world, someone cutting out a huge eyeball from a piece of paper, people drawing, painting, designing, and more - all starting out with the same Absolut bottle cutout. Some of the bottles are put on display, some have videos projected on them, some are silkscreened, and more.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It all starts with an Absolut Blank. Absolut Vodka

Written Text

Absolut Blank 
Absolute Blank, Absolute Vodka

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