A watermelon and a bunch of bananas have a conversation in a kitchen. The watermelon is sad and surprised to learn that the people who live in the house, the people who purchased the fruit, are not coming back to eat them, because they're in Las Vegas. The bunch of bananas explains to the watermelon that Las Vegas has all kinds of fun, exciting activities like five-star restaurants, golf courses, spas, etc. When the watermelon realizes that he's going to rot, the scene cuts away to Las Vegas where a watermelon is being sliced and a tray of fresh fruit is prepared as people are outside enjoying the pool and the summer weather in Las Vegas.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Watermelon) Hmm, hmm, hmmm. 
(Bananas) Hey, you know they're not coming back. 
(Watermelon) Really? But they just bought me. 
(Bananas) Get over it tubby. They're in Vegas! They left us here to rot. Can't blame them. With all the five-star restaurants, spas, designer golf courses. Even pool parties.  
(Watermelon) Wait, I, I'm gonna rot?! 
(Lyrics) Come on, don't you know I wanna see you. Come on don't you know I wanna see you.

Written Text

Life Is Short 
Summer Is Shorter 
Only Vegas

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