The commercial starts with a person leafing through a scrapbook, that turns in to live action of a man, wearing a green shirt, horn-rimmed glasses and a black bike helmet, riding his bicycle with a dog, named Wifi, riding in the guy's backpack. The guy uses his HTC ThunderBolt as a GPS while riding his bike. Back at home, the guy hooks his ThunderBolt to a radio controlled helicopter to take a video of a sign he placed on the ground that reads "BE hERE AT 8", which he then sends to his friends as an invitation to a party. The party is raging, when the guy then uses his phone to project a music video on to a large screen outside, so everyone at the party can see and hear the music being played.

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This phone was inspired by you. You're addicted to fast, you have a dog named Wi-Fi, and to you, buffering is a dirty word. You need a phone that can not only keep up, but blast ahead at 4G speeds. A phone that can turn an invitation into an experience. And a party into a, remember that time? The HTC ThunderBolt exclusively on Verizon's 4G LTE network. Made just for you.

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Be here at 8 
HTC ThunderBolt Exclusively at Verizon 
hTC quietly brilliant

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