The commercial for LG appliances begins with five young boys standing in a house, each with a fuel gauge over his head that is reading empty. The mother, standing in the kitchen goes to the LG refrigerator, opening it up to reveal the large capacity interior, filled with food to feed the hungry boys. Next we see four teenage girls sitting around the dining room table. The are laughing, while having a food fight - shown in slow motion, one of the girls squirts ketchup, staining another girl's shirt. The LG TrueSteam washing machine is advertised as being able to get out those stubborn stains. The mother pulls out the once-stained shirt shaking it out, happy to see that the ketchup stain has been removed. Next, the mother, now wearing a gray dress and white sweater is in the kitchen putting a dish into the oven with InfraGrill technology that allows food to cook 24% faster. She is seen serving the platter of chicken and vegetables to the group of people who have gathered at the dining room table.

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Is it something for everyone? Is it a blast of clean? Is it winning the race against time? It's the countless innovations from LG, designed to make life good. So, is it an appliance, or something better?

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Largest Capacity 31 Cubic Feet 
TrueSteam Advanced Cleaning 
InfraGrill Cooks 24% faster 
Is it an appliance? Or something better? 
Life's Good

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