This commercial shows the now-famous white and shaggy Travelers Insurance dog. He walks up to his food dish and the bone he insured is missing. There are dirty paw prints from the empty bowl to an open door. He starts following the trail which leads him down the road and into a yard with a broken white picket fence. He looks in Spike's doghouse, all over the fenced in dog park, up a big tree in the country, in a bird's nest, and inside a hollow tree. Next the dog gets on a big tree stump to view an overlook. When he gets home, a Travelers Insurance vehicle is pulling away. The next time we see him, he is lying on the rub licking his dog bone. The commercial closes with the bone back in its dish with the Travelers red umbrella over it keeping it safe.

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With dedicated claims specialists and around-the-clock service, Travelers can help make things better, quicker. Will your auto and home insurer be there when you need them most? For an agent or quote, 800 my-coverage or 
Gone like my last paycheck gone gone away 
Gone like my landlord smile gone gone away 
Gone like the furniture gone gone away 
Gone like the shape I’m in gone gone away 
My baby’s gone away

Written Text

Dog Park - open 7am - 8pm 
Dedicated claims specialists 
It's better under the umbrella

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