This is a political attack ad from John F. Kennedy about how (then) President Eisenhower said some not-so-flattering remarks about his Vice President Richard Nixon who is now running for President.

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Every Republican politician wants you to believe that Richard Nixon is, quote, "experienced". They even want you to believe that he has actually been making decisions in the White House. But listen to the man who should know best, the President of the United States. A reporter recently asked President Eisenhower this question about Nixon's experience. 
"I just wondered if you could give us an example of a major idea of his that you had adopted in that role as the decider and final..." 
"If you give me a week, I might think of one. I don't remember." 
At the same press conference, President Eisenhower said, "No one can make a decision except me." 
And as for any major ideas from Mr. Nixon, "If you give me a week, I might think of one. I don't remember." 
President Eisenhower could not remember, but the voters will remember. For real leadership in the 60's, help elect Senator John F. Kennedy for President

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1960 Republican National Convention 
Vote for John F. Kennedy for President 
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