This commercial for the Nissan Versa Sedan illustrates the great amounts of headroom in the car by showing four people wearing different hats - big hats. Starting with a multi-colored sombrero (stripes of yellow, green, pink and blue) a pink traditional Asian "rice hat", a tall-spiked hairstyle (that requires headroom), a furry winter hat, a black wide brimmed hat with black and white polka dot ties.

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(Lyrics) Walk little walk 
Small talk big thoughts  
Gonna tell them all just what I want 
Don't Stop Don't Stop Don't Stop Talking to me. 
The most headroom per dollar in any car in America. From $10,990. The All-New Nissan Versa Sedan. Innovation up-sized. Innovation for all.

Written Text

All-New Nissan Versa Sedan From $10,990 
Shift The Way You Move

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