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What are you doing filming me?

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Jamal Edwards 
Jamal's albums 
Beatz Blog 
Message: Turned 15 today. Guess what I got? BOOM! Thanks mum LOL!!!!! 
Subject: Just filmed Starz 
He's got mad rhymes!!! 
Cool Vid Jamal - Lycert 
more plz! - dan_brophy 
Upload video - Uploading... 
keep it up Jamal - Jack McGoldrick21_ 
loving ur vids, respect - vanessa_kx 
Just filmed Baby Blue. Sick!!! 
Watch Akala. Amazing!!! 
Check out my new music channel! SBTV 
no one's representing the UK scene like this - joshshotton351 
Had to quit my day job! Got myself a team!!! SBTV's blowing up!!! 
The Independent - SVTV: the UK's biggest youth media channel 
Britain's newest entrepreneur 
The rise and rise of a new media mogul 
Just got a label with Sony RCA!!!!! 
My first signing Maxsta 
Sheeran: You made it Jamal! 
Jamal: No man, I'm just getting started 
Jamal Edwards, 20, Entrepreneur 
The web is what you make of it 
Chrome - search for chrome

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