This is a promotional commercial for the 2011-2012 CBS Fall lineup of television shows.

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(Lyrics) Wa oh oh oh oh oh woah 
Wa oh oh oh oh oh waaa-oh 
Stand up, hold on, let go, shout out 
Don't barf, free fall, begin right now 
Get lost, get loud, wake up, break out 
Don't stop 'till it feels like 
Wa oh oh oh oh oh woah 
Wa oh oh oh oh oh waaa-oh 
Life has been playing tricks on me lately and I feel like it's best not to take it seriously. (The Good Wife) 
When have I ever intentionally screwed things up? (The Mentalist) 
Whoa! (Rules of Engagement) 
The reason we live together is we're best friends. And I got your back Jack. (The Big Bang Theory) 
I'm the king of the world! Hey punk, you better run!(Mike & Molly) 
Yeah! (Rules of Engagement) 
Can you dig it! (How I Met Your Mother) 
I like it.  
Let's get this party started! Let's get our dilly on here! (The Late Show with David Letterman) 
We've got a challenge! (Survivor) 
It's a touchdown for the Jets. (NFL) 
Charl Schwartzel takes the Masters. (Golf) 
The Huskies are the top dog. (college basketball) 
You are part of a team. You are part of my team. (NCIS) 
I feel very lucky to have you all here. Family is what makes us strong. (Blue Bloods) 
I have never liked you more than this moment, right now. It's beautiful.(Hawaii Five-0) 
You're gonna play this one cool right? Yep. You and I have a very different meaning of what playing it cool means. (NCIS Los Angeles) 
High five. Not too hard. (The Big Bang Theory) 
I miss the old Belfor. Thank you for representing us the way you do. (Undercover Boss) 
You are the official winners of The Amazing Race! (The Amazing Race) 
When the mission was over, what's the first thing you did? I just said "we got him." (60 Minutes) 
Does it get any better than this? (How I Met Your Mother) 
And the Grammy goes to...(The Grammy Award Show) 
Still lovin' the Gaga, huh? I will always love the Gaga. (NCIS: Los Angeles) 
This guy was on the move. (Criminal Minds) 
I gotta tell you folks, you ain't seen nothing yet. (David Letterman) 
That's how I roll! (Mike & Molly) 
You just witnessed a beautiful thing. (The Mentalist)

Written Text

This Fall 
Light Up Your Night 
America's Most Watched Network 
Only CBS

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