This commercial shows a woman at a Verizon wireless store shopping for an Apple iPad 2. The salesman is telling her the features of the iPad and how and where she can use it, and as he talks, the woman imagines it. She sees herself at the beach downloading one of the Twilight books to the device to read. Then she is at the park with her friend away from WiFi. Next she is taking a picture and submitting to Twitter while she's out camping at night.

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It's faster, thinner, and lighter, and with the power of Verizon, you can stay connected almost anywhere. Let's say you want to download a bestseller (book) at the beach... done. Or if you want to stay connected when you're miles away from WiFi... no problem. You can even tweet when you're nowhere near your followers, and you can can post pictures too. So, what do you think? 
I'll take it. 
The iPad 2 on America's largest and most reliable network. Verizon, rule the air.

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iPad 2 
Camping with the family 
Verizon - Rule the Air

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