This commercial shows the outside of a pet store. A little boy is looking at the puppies in the cages out front when a tough looking man in a leather coat goes inside. He comes out with a handful of leashes which he starts to attach to the front of the cages. He then hops on his Harley Davidson motorcycle and drives off with the leashes attached to the back. As he pulls away, all the cage doors are ripped off and the dogs run off, chasing the man on his bike down the road. At the end, we see that the man already has a little dog on the back of his motorcycle as he drags the cage doors down the road. 
The idea is their new 2012 campaign slogan is "No Cages".

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Now with even more power, Harley-Davidson 2012.

Written Text

We spay and neuter here 
SKB Pets 
105 Cubic Inches 
Harley-Davidson Motorcycles 
No Cages

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