This commercial features Maroon 5 (including an interview-style conversation with lead singer, Adam Levine) preparing for a concert. We see the crew setting up the stage and sound equipment as well as the band preparing in the dressing rooms. They do sound checks, lighting checks, and practice their songs. The band is using a JBL device to connect their Apple iPad to to play their music, and the speakers they use for their concerts are also by JBL.

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Adam Levine: We tried to be like every band we possibly could - until we became Maroon 5. It took us a long time, I mean we're still working on it - trying to get the best sound that can possibly go out to our audiences. You know that feeling where you just don't know how it happened, but it sounds incredible to you and the audience. It comes out super clean. It's never better than that. It doesn't ever get better than that. 
I'm never gonna leave this bed

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Maroon 5 
Maroon 5 - Hands All Over 
! Hear the Truth 
JBL by Hartman 
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