This commercial shows a red Dodge Journey driving through a rural/wilderness landscape. It is then shown driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, and later through farmland up to a field where a hot air balloon is filling up. It stops for a parade with a marching band and color guard in a small town, and then drives through a mountain road. The car continues to drive across America and finally we see the family get out with kayaks, bikes, and other equipment.

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People don't make a list of web sites they want to see before they die. They don't fill photo albums with pictures from an online search. "Like" being there is not like being there. It's okay, the internet will be just fine without you. That's why we built the first search engine for the real world - the Dodge Journey. And then, we left three somewhere out there. If you can find one, you can have one. You won't find any of them online, but it might help you figure out where they might be.

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Chains Off - Open - Towing Hardware - Minimart - Ice, Beer, Soda, Groceries 
US Route 66 - National Route 66 Museum 
Kitchenettes Hangtown Motel Vacancy 
Find more clues at 
The 26 MPG HWY Journey

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