The commercial begins with a crowd of men running wildly. A white Fiat 500 is seen driving down the street, with Jennifer Lopez behind the wheel. Men are pouring out of buildings, riding skateboards down the sidewalks, all chasing after JLo. Men race off a city bus, a man on a motorcycle makes a jump over the bus, chasing after the Fiat 500 driven by JLo. A man jumps on the hood of the car, looking inside at Jennifer Lopez, flashing her the sign language sign and mouthing the words "I Love You". Jennifer finally has to stop the car, and is pulled out through the moon roof by two men. They all form on the street for a choreographed dance while Jennifer sings her song 'Papi'.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) My rock is shining bright 
Even if he ain't by my side 
Now all my super ladies 
I got my baby 
If you got your baby, baby 
Move your body, move your body 
Dance for your Papi 
Rock your body, rock your body 
Dance for your Papi 
Put your hands up in the air, air, air 
Whoa, oh, oh 
Move your body, move your body

Written Text

Paul Hunter 
Fiat 500 
Like the car? 
Go online 
Like JLo? 
Get in line 
Fiat 500 
Life is best when driven

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