This commercial for American Express Zync begins with blank canvases of all different types: a blank credit card, slices of plain white bread, a courtyard covered in untouched snow, a cassette tape with 'Passion Pit' written on the front, a dressing room with four white doors, a bunch of blooming white flowers. An Etch-A-Sketch is shown with a drawing of a landscape with a big tree. A cake with a single pink flower in the corner is shown being decorated. Back to the courtyard covered in snow, there is a couple making snow angels. An open suitcase is filled with clothes and books. A passport receives a new stamp, followed by a window on a moving train, with the scenery outside the window rapidly changing. A skateboarder skates across a wooden plank. A tropical beach house with white curtains blowing in the breeze. A white shoe box rests on a pink chair, with the lid opened to reveal a pair of heels inside the box. A turntable, a plate of sushi, tickets to a concert 'Rockin' Autumn Music Fest' are tacked to a bulletin board.

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Life leaves plenty of spaces for you to create in, so you can shape things as you see fit. Shouldn't your card do the same? Well it can. Meet Zync from American epxress. The card you can shape to fit your life. So you can get more out of the things you're in to. Build yours by addings packs filled with bundles of rewards and benefits. It's not just a card, it's your canvas. Create yours at

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Take Charge 
American Express

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