This commercial for the all-new Volkswagon Beetle begins with a line of cars waiting at a stop light. At the front of the line is a black VW Beetle, next to a man on a motorcycle. The man on the motorcycle stretches out his hand while the driver of the Beetle reaches out to fist bump the motorcycle man. The black Beetle is parked at a curb while two men carrying a couch down the sidewalk give the man in the Beetle high-fives. The Beetle is parked again while a police man on a horse goes by, also giving a high-five. An image of a crosswalk sign with the orange/red "Do Not Walk" sign appears. The Beetle is in a parking garage with a driver heading the opposite direction - they both stop for a quick fist bump. The Beetle is parked next to a woman who is loading the back of her car with groceries as her little girl stands at the Beetle window for a high-five, before pulling her hand away in the "you're too slow" part of "give me five". The man driving the Beetle gets a palm slap from a little black and white dog. The man in the Beetle is driving, smiling when a look of concern appears on his face as he sees a group of cyclists heading toward him - preparing for a lot of high-fives, hand slaps.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Right hand, clap, pat, clap your hand cross it with your left arm, pat your partner's left palm. Clap, pat, clap your hand, pat your partner's right palm with your right palm again. Clap, slap, slap your hands. 
The all-new Beetle. It's back.

Written Text

The all-new Beetle 
That's the power of German Engineering. 
That's Das Auto

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