This commercial shows a story/movie by printing out pages. The concept works similar to a flip-book animation, but instead of flipping pages, the printer prints them out and the video is sped up. At first, the pages are just text and simple graphs, but then the graphs become animated like a stereo equilizer. We then see a stick figure skiing down the slope of a line graph and he jumps off the end and does a flip opens a parachute. He cuts the cord and free falls for a while, then opens a second parachute that floats to the ground. He lands next to a woman and they start to dance. Then they take a walk while holding hands. At this point, more printers are shown which allow the animation to be wider. They zoom out from the couple and we see satellites and moons (yes plural) orbiting the Earth. The animation starts to slow down and it starts to look like normal pages being printed from the HP printer. One of the last pages shows the couple holding hands again, then another page prints and there the woman is holding a child's hand too. Then a (real) person picks up their printouts and takes them away. A final page prints out with the credits.

Written Text

Research Study: Your Life and Your World 
A Study Into How Your Life and Your World Can Change Over Time 
There are Unlimited Possibilities 
Music by missdavinalee 
Special thanks to HP

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