The Chase

This commercial shows Michael Jackson in concert. At the end of the song, he throws his hat into the audience. He is taken off stage and then outside where the screaming crowd chases him. He jumps from a rooftop to a flying helicopter to escape. After a while he lets go where he latches on to a robe that he uses like a zipline to slide to the bottom. The mob finds him again, so he starts running. He hops into a convertible Ferrari Testarossa and speeds off. A construction zone stops him, so he has to get out and run from the crowd again. He runs up the stairs into an art museum. The paparazzi follow him in, but can't find him. It turns out he somehow got into one of the paintings. After everyone leaves, the painting comes to life, and he is in a diner. The crowd still finds him later, but this time he escapes into the TV where he is skiing down a ski jump. After jumping, he soars up into the air and actually starts flying into the clouds. He parachutes down and lands on stage where he starts another concert.

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Pepsi Commercial for Super Bowl LII 2018 - Pepsi Generations "This is the Pepsi" | Pepsi | Extended

This Television Commercial refers to Pepsi Commercial
This one is for the King of Pop (Michael Jackson)

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