This commercial begins with a shot of a man holding a candelabra in each hand and in front of him is a roomful of food and people indulging in it. Next is a woman getting laced into a tight corset, and a young man dancing with an older woman. There is a hotel room full of women in sexy lingerie where one of them is putting on lipstick using the reflection in a stiletto heel shoe. Another room has women using crouched over men as chairs, and yet another people are doing a photo shoot in the bedroom. The bellboy appears to be missing his pants, and waiter delivers a tray of food to a woman in the middle of a pool by walking right in. 
In all this badness, suddenly comes pure white puppies, kittens, bunnies, and baby chicks and deer running up the stairs, coming out of the elevator and appearing everywhere. One of the lingerie girls picks up a bunny and puts it outside, leaving just the right amount of wrong left inside.

Written Text

Just the right amount of wrong. 
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas 
A Unique Luxury Resort

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