Another trippy cat food commercial for Purina Friskies. The gray and white cat sits in the kitchen as a magical hole appears, leading to a different world, guided by Puss in Boots. The cat jumps through the hole and finds herself in a different world where chickens are walking down the cobblestone street on stilts. The cat stops to bat at the bell hanging around a cow's neck before following behind Puss in Boots for more adventures. Hanging in a tree are three pinatas - a fish, a chicken and a cow - representing the different flavor varieties of Friskies cat food. Puss in Boots swings his sword at the pinatas, breaking them apart. The cat and Puss in Boots make their way to a cart stacked high with cans and bags of Friskies food. Puss in Boots informs the cat that it's time for her to go back through the worm hole, to her own house, where a delicious plate of Friskies Chicken in gravy filets awaits her. She is no doubt famished from her wild adventure with Puss in Boots, and hungrily chows down on her sensational tasty dinner.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Welcome mi amiga! An adventure awaits! 
A celebration of flavor and magnificent tastes. Like chicken, beef or seafood 
Ole! Ha ha! Adios little one, your time here is complete. And my kitten just a thought, put some boots on those feet.  
Friskies, feed the senses.  
See Puss in Boots only in theaters.

Written Text

Purina Friskies 
Feed the senses 
Dreamworks Puss in Boots Only in Theaters

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