This commercial for the Toyota Prius V begins with a family bringing their suitcases to their Prius in the pre-dawn morning. The scene moves to a boardwalk where a woman wearing a pink and white polka dot top puts a small sailboat in the back of her Prius, getting startled when a passing ship blows it's horn. The next scene is an autumn setting with children flying kites while the mother, wearing a yellow trench coat sits in the back of the Prius, with the hatch open, before jumping up to catch her kid whose kite is taking him off into the air. The next scenes move quickly, showing a Prius in a city setting, and a snowy setting with a woman putting her skis in the back of the roomy Prius.

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(Lyrics) Oh come along, come along, baby baby come along, baby baby come along with me. I love you and I need you, just to hug and squeeze you, baby why can't you see? I love you all the while, to see me smile, set my heart at ease. Oh baby can't you see how much you mean to me, baby baby come along with me. 
The newest member of the Prius family has the space of a small SUV. And the fuel efficiency of a Prius. The all-new Prius V from Toyota. More Prius. More possibilities.

Written Text

Prius V 
More Prius. More Possibilities. 
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