"T-Mobile's 4G Wonderland" This commercial features T-Mobile's "girl in the pink dress" in a 4G Winter Wonderland with a bunch of elves with pink hair (including eyebrows). The elves are making smartphone for T-Mobile. The thing that makes this commercial stand out is that "4G Wonderland" during the song sounds a lot like "Orgy Wonderland".

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It's T-Mobile's 4G Wonderland. Search for gifts. Like a scooter. That was fast. Goodbye computer. Our fastest phones of all time. Like the Samsung Galaxy S2 And each line just $49.99 (Lyrics) Smart phones ring, are you listening? Yup, they're blistering Stream movies and shows It's Santa to go Walking in a 4G wonderland (Many people report that it sounds like: "Walking in a orgy wonderland") Walking in a 4G wonder land

Written Text

T T Home Internet 4G Speed Popcorn, Netflix Two Lines $49.99 each per mo. Unlimited data, talk & text

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