A dog is shown chasing a miniature covered wagon which disappears into the kitchen cupboard. When the cupboard is opened, inside is a box of Purina Chuck Wagon dog food. Scenes of freshly cut meat, nuggets, and gravy are shown being combined to create the dog food. A puff of smoke is shown to simulate the quick drying. It then shows someone pouring the dry food into a dog dish and adding water to show how moist and appetising the food becomes. It then shows the dog enjoying the food.

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Chuck Wagon - instant dinner for dogs. The right helpings of what dogs like best and need most. We took big, tender, juicy chunks, golden nuggets loaded with vitamins and rich meat broth. We quick dried it to make Chuck Wagon what dogs like best and need most. Just add warm water and it comes back again instantly. Rich meat broth, golden nuggets, and red juicy chunks. Big, tender, and tempting as ever. Get your dog a complete full course dinner that serves up instantly. Chuck Wagon: next to you, what he likes best, and needs most.

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