This commercial for Old Navy puff outerwear shows a family at the Old Navy Funnovations factory where they are fitted for their perfect puff jackets and vests. One woman is wearing a puff jacket that has too much puff, so she is de-pufferized on a contraption that sends her flying down the track as the puff is removed from her coat.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Ta-da! It's Funnovations Inc. where all the Old Navy fun comes from. We're filling perfect puffs with just the right amount of puffs to keep your family cute 'n stuff. Uh-oh! That puff's got too much puff! Wait for it. Fits to puff-fection. This week perfect puffs at the perfect price. Kids from twenty dollars, adults from twenty nine. Old Navy. Come fun, come all!

Written Text

Old Navy 
Funnovations INC. 
Perfect Pufferizer 
De-Puffing 55% 
Perfect Puffs 
Kids from $20 
Adults from $29 
Old Navy 
Come Fun, Come All.

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