This commercial shows a group of people who work at GE Aviation building jet engines. The group of employees is taken to an airfield to see their engines, attached to a jet while it takes off on a runway.

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I was fascinated by Balsa wood airplanes ever since I was a little kid, just throwing them around whenever I could. I always wondered how everything worked, how did an airplane get in the air. To design and create the next greatest thing, it takes a lot of imagination and a lot of courage. I always wanted to be one of those guys that had that kind of responsibility and that kind of technical expertise. At GE avaiation, we build jet engines. We lift people up off the ground to 35,000 feet in the air. These engines are built by hand with very precise assmebly techniques. I definitely feel responsible to these customers. You can't pull over on the side of the road to see what's going on under the hood. These have to be perfect every time. We make jet engines. And I think the inner nerd in me is really excited about that. When you build one up, wrap it up in plastic and out the door it goes, and you know that out there somewhere this machine you've made is out there serving a bigger purpose. GE is the latest and greatest. It's the edge of technology. It's gonna fly people around the world, safely and better than it's ever done before. We are building engines that are literally making the world smaller. We build this engine up but never get to experience its glory. See and smell and touch, you know, you're life's work. I would love to see this thing fly. Been 8 years since I stood on a runway, since I've been putting them together. It's a dream, honestly. Here it is today, we're gonna go out and see it. The fruits of our labor. I think a lot of people when they look at a jet engine they see a big hunk of metal. But when I look at it, I see Seth, Mark, Kareem, and Tom and people like that who work on engines every day. Just keep going in, a few feet, right there. That's where my part is. People say there's no such thing as perfect. They don't make jet engines. To come out here and actually see my baby strapped to the bottom of somebody else's, and those creative energies coming together to make such an awesome product is just a real treat. To see that thing on an airplane and flying around, if you work at GE Aviation, doesn't get any better. There it is! Awesome! That's what we do. That's so cool! Sweet! That was awesome! I wanna see that again. We build jet engines.

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GE Aviation 
Durham, NC 
GE Aviation Test Facility 
Peebles, OH 
Two weeks later 
Boeing Field, Seattle 
GE Works 
GE Imagination at work

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