A man is showing his friend the new LG smart TV at a holiday party. He shows off all the new features of the television, one of the features is accessing facebook. When he looks at facebook on the television, his wife, a dark haired woman in a green sweater, tells him not to look. He finds that there is a post about his ugly Christmas sweater, with an image of a cat in ice skates.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

An LG Smart TV. LG Optima cell phone and an apology card.  
This is ridiculous.  
Yeah, it's got apps.  
It's got Voodoo, Twitter, facebook. 
Oh no honey, not facebook. 
Honey, you think my sweater's horrendous? 
Cats don't skate. 
I think it kicks butt. 
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Written Text

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Cathy Crawford: HORRENDOUS sweater alert!! 
Ross Skinner: It takes a strong man to wear a cat sweater. 
Tara Gorman: Awesome! 
Matt Davis: Destined to be a classic. 
Angelo Valencia: LOL! I know what I want for Christmas. 
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