This commercial for Hyundai Assurance features Jessica Frech, a dark haired woman, wearing a red sweater and jeans, playing a white guitar, singing about the Hyundai Assurance program and the things that go wrong during the holidays. 
(Some sources report the girl's name is Jessica French, but this is incorrect. It is Frech.)

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hyundai Assurance, the gift that keeps on giving. 
Aunt Marge burned the turkey again. Dad wore that shameful polyester blend. All the stress this holiday I'm glad I bought a Hyundai. With America's Best Warranty, 10 years of being worry free. They're watching out for you and me. Fa la la fa la la. Fa la la, fa la la. 
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Written Text

Hyundai Assurance 
America's Best Warranty 
Powertrain Limited Warranty 
Hyundai Holidays

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