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A woman is shopping for accessories for the vacation she is about to take with her boyfriend. She buys equipment to go rock climbing. The boyfriend in the commercial is Alex Honnold, an American big wall solo climber. The couple is climbing the famous rock walls / mountains of Fisher Towers near Moab, Utah. The tall rock at the end is the "Corkscrew" summit of the Ancient Arts which is the end of the "Stolen Chimney" rock climbing route.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

My boyfriend and I were going on vacation, so I used my Citi Thank You card to pick up some accessories. A new belt, some nylons, and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? We talked about getting a diamond, but with all the thank you points I've been earning, I flew us to the rock I really had in mind.  
The Citi Thank You Card. Earn points you can use for travel on any airline, with no blackout dates.  
(Lyrics) Somebody left the gate open. Come save us the runaway train gone insane.

Written Text

thank you premier 
Any airline. 
No blackout dates.

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