This commercial for Kohl's features various people exchanging Christmas gifts with each other, beginning with a couple - a dark, curly-haired woman in a white sweater, black and white skirt and gloves that match her skirt, exchanging gifts while sitting on the floor of a living room, with a man in a dark red plain shirt. Next a man with glasses, wearing a Santa hat, is pushing a mail cart through an office, handing out gifts to the people at the desks he is passing by. A man is helping a little girl, wearing an orange shirt with a picture of a cartoon monkey on the front, and a pink puffy vest, open a present wrapped in pink paper - revealing a pink VW Beetle Barbie car. A little boy in a sweater vest, shirt and tie helps his father pull a gray sweater over his head. The couple from the beginning of the commercial unwraps their gifts, showing that they each bought the other the exact same thing - a Pandigital Planet Android eReader. The guy who is pushing the mail cart, is given a furry winter hat

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(Lyrics) He loves and she loves and they love so why can't you love like I love too. Won't you love me like I love you.  
If what you want most this holiday is to get everyone what they want most. If you think the most memorable gifts are the memories that last a lifetime. That the joy of saving is almost as great as the joy of giving. There's no better place to do your holiday shopping then at Kohl's. Kohl's. Expect great things.

Written Text

Expect great things.

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