The commercial begins with a house that has palm trees in ascending heights behind the house - to look like the signal bars on a cell phone. A little girl in a pink shirt comes out of the house carrying a briefcase, bringing it to her father who is getting ready to leave on a business trip. A yellow cab is driving across a bridge, heading in to New York City. The man, sitting in the backseat of the taxi, opens his briefcase to find a small stuffed animal - a brown and white monkey - hidden inside. The man has traveled to London, and he holds up the stuffed monkey to take a picture of it in front of Big Ben. The mother, back at home, is loading groceries in the car when she shows her daughter the picture of the monkey sent by the dad. The dad takes a picture of the monkey again, this time sitting on the edge of a table in a conference room. The mom and daughter look at this picture while at a playground - the swings in the background again in the shape of the signal bars on a cell phone. The mom and daughter, back at home, look at the newest picture sent of the monkey. This picture is of the monkey, resting on top of the dad's briefcase in front of the house, letting them know that dad is finally home from his trip. The little girl excitedly runs to the door to greet her dad, giving him a big hug as he holds the monkey and briefcase in his hands.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Sweet pea, apple of my eye. Don't know when and I don't know why. You're the only reason I keep on coming home.

Here daddy! Look, daddy sent us a picture. More bars in more places. That's what you can expect from AT&T. Switch to the network with the best coverage world wide. AT&T.
Get the touch screen VU for $49.99 after mail-in rebate, only from AT&T.

Written Text

Best Coverage Worldwide
Your world. Delivered.
$49.99 after mail-in rebate
Price before rebate $99.99

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