This commercial begins in the woods with an old par achutist stuck in a tree. He releases the harness and drops down to the ground. With another soldier they work their way through the forest until they find an old building. They go inside where there are some dogs and what appears to be a receptionist. They check their weapons and go inside to the bar. Inside is full of video game characters from numerous video games available on the PlayStation 3 (PS3) through the years. They are all there to honor the great Michael. At the end, we see a picture of Michael, and he is just a guy with a PS3 game controller who has lead all these characters to victory over the years. 
Many people ask, "Who is Michael?" The short answer is that he is you, the gamer. The longer answer is that Sony ran a contest several months back and asked for "ultimate PlayStation gamers" to submit their names, a 30 word reason they are ultimate gamers, and a high-resolution image of themselves holding their PS3 controller. "Michael" was one of the winners. It is expected that more ads featuring other gamers will be released in the "Long Live Play" ad campaign. 

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Stay calm. 
Nathan Drake: Flying over the middle of the Rub' al Khali desert looking for some lost city in the sand. Next thing I know, plane's going down. I'm hanging like a rag doll at 30,000 feet just trying to hold on. 
Cole Mcgrath: And a plague on every corner when half the city hated me, and the other half wanted me dead. He brought out my good side.  
I'm telling you war has changed, so you do what you have to. I'm no hero, but whatever good I've done - it was him. 
Athena: It was in the days of suffering when the gods made their might known. When no mortal dared stand up to Zeus. He did. 
Omaha! Pinned down on that God-forsaken beach. Thinkin' if I lay there, I maybe die, but if I get up, there ain't no maybe about it. Then one man broke through. Michael! 
Michael, Michael. 
When the Templars murdered my family. 
When the whole bloody world's gone crazy. 
Hellcats Sector 9! 
To Michael! To Michael! Roar! 
For all he does, for all of us. To Michael! 

Written Text

Long Live Play. 
PS3 - PlayStation 3 
Sony - Make Believe (Make.Believe)

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What Video Game Series are referenced by this Television Commercial?

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What Video Games are referenced by this Television Commercial?

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