"Life in the Express Lane" 
This commercial stars a little boy sitting in a child shopping cart that is made to look like a car. The bot sits in the "driver's seat" while the mother pushes the cart around the store and does her shopping. Because the commercial is shown from the little boy's point of view, it's actually quite an active and stressful shopping experience. 
He starts out happy, but soon there are other shopping carts, people, and hand-carts/dollies chaotically moving in front of him. Piles of oranges fall off like boulders in front of him, spilled milk floods must be avoided, and stacks of 2-liter soda bottles fall in front of him. At one point he has to cover his eyes. Later he navigates through a narrow gap in the aisles only to be re-ended by a similar car-cart with two twin boys inside who start at him like they are annoyed. 
After it's all over, he lets out a sign of relieve to be safe and secure in his real car, a VW Passat.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

The piece of mind of owning the 2011 IIHS top safety pick. The all-new Volkswagen Passat.

Written Text

All-new Passat starting at $19,995 
VW Volkswagen 
That's the power of German engineering. 
That's Das Auto

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