"Puppy Love" 
This commercial begins with the Travelers Insurance dog coming out of his house. Across the street he sees a girl dog that catches his eye. We then begin a montage of scenes of the two of them spending time together. They run through a park both holding the same stick in their mouth. They steal a string of sausages from the local butcher shop and run away with them. Next we see them watching a remote controlled sailboat at a pond in the park, and later leave their paw prints in the wet cement of a new sidewalk. After being in a relationship for a while we see the male dog come home one day with a bone when he stops in his tracks and drops the bone on the floor. The room is full of puppies (which strangely look like neither of the two dogs). The final scene shows a dog house with an addition added to the side to hold all the new family members - which of course requires additional insurance.

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When life changes, so can your insurance needs. Use Travelers free guide to better coverage to stay prepared. Is your auto and home coverage keeping up with you?

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