This commercial shows a man making a very difficult decision in front of his laptop. We see the screen and he is having to sell his NFL tickets, but just doesn't want to. His pregnant wife comes in and gives him a look and he finally answers yes to the question "Sell Now?" 
Somewhere else in the country, a man and his son are looking at a similar screen that says, "Buy Now?" The scene is much different at their house because they are extremely happy to get getting the tickets.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Buy and sell tickets safely and securely and You want the NFL, go to the NFL. 
Opportunity, opportunity is knocking at your door 
Opportunity knocks but once, and don't come back no more 
Grab it in the night, grab it in the day 
Grab it right now, it will get away 
You better snatch and grab it 
Snatch and grab it

Written Text

Sell Now? 
Buy and sell tickets

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