This commercial for Budweiser Select shows the Budweiser King of Beers logo appearing in several unlikely locations. We begin with an abstract artist throwing a bucket of paint on to a canvas from a ladder. The splash creates the Bud logo in black. Later a woman in the restroom is putting on makeup. She presses her lips down on a napkin and it also creates the logo in red lipstick. A man roles a motorcycle into his garage and some of the gears are in the shape of the crown. A couple playing chess in the park shows the king piece with the Budweiser crown. A skier's poles have the pattern on the bottom, a woman dancing has the shape in the rips of her jeans, a mounted sailfish / swordfish has the shape in its fin, and a city skyline morphs into the crown as well.

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(Lyrics) World Don't hold back Cause there's a party over here So you might as well be here Where the people care Don't hold back World

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Bold Taste Clean Finish Expect Everything Budweiser Select

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