This commercial features some small, round, animated, white and gray creatures who live in a completely white and gray world. From the distance, one of the creatures smells something delicious and goes to investigate. The little guy returns shortly, but he has a colored mohawk, and his body is swirls of bright colors like yellow, red, green, blue and purple, and he is eating a piece of Pop-Tart. He shows everyone what he's found, and it's like a toaster in the ground that shoots out Pop-Tarts bigger than any of them that have yellow frosting and red swirls. Soon they are all eating the treats and we can see them change from dull white to having swirls of colors like the first guy.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Take a dull morning, and make it wild. Introducing Wild Fruit Fusion Pop-Tarts. All the fruit flavors you love in a tasty new combination. Pop-Tarts - Joylicious 
Everybody have fun tonight 
Everybody Wang Chung tonight

Written Text

Pop-Tarts Toaster Pastries 
Pop Tarts 
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts - Joylicious

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

What Songs are featured in this Television Commercial?

It plays...
Everybody Have Fun Tonight performed by Wang Chung

Everybody Have Fun Tonight
performed by Wang Chung

This Song is played in Kellogg's Commercial for Wild Fruit Fusion Pop-Tarts

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